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    Boost profits and charm customers with the perfect product protection plans.

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Streamlining Customer Experience with Gorgias + Clyde

As any ecommerce brand owner understands, the customer experience doesn’t stop at the point of purchase — quite the opposite. Key post-purchase inflection points can prove to be effective not only at keeping the customer engaged with information and additional relevant products, but also at driving additional revenue between purchases. Providing a seamless, positive support experience is table stakes in 2022. With the Gorgias and Clyde integration, brands are now able to take their customer support function, historically a cost center, and begin turning it into a revenue center for the business by driving additional customer lifetime value (CLV) and incremental revenue. 

The Power of Gorgias and Clyde

With the new Clyde and Gorgias integration, you can up-level support experiences with easy access to many post purchase-related data points that customers inquire about after purchasing. View and manage extended warranty claims, offer new protection plans, and even promote product registration — all within Gorgias. 

Once you turn on this integration, you’ll be able to sync warranty related information and drive product protection for eligible customers, identify registration opportunities to reclaim valuable customers and their data as well as view claims related information — all without leaving the Gorgias platform. 

Integrate Gorgias in the Clyde App:

  • Navigate to the Clyde Integrations page and click on “Connect Integration” on the Gorgias tile.

  • Click on “Connect Account,” and on the resulting modal, input your Gorgias account subdomain*, and click “Connect Integration”.

*Account subdomain is everything between https:// and “”. In the following example “clydedev-staging-widget-store”

  • See the success message indicating Clyde and Gorgias have been connected!

Boom, done. That’s really all it takes to begin unifying your support and ownership enrichment in one platform. 

“At TUSHY our job is to help our customers to clean their butts. We're excited to see Clyde's Gorgias integration make it easier for us to do(o) that. We can now see a full picture of a customer's poo-tection plan without leaving their Gorgias ticket. This means we can spend less time clicking through different browser tabs and more time creating meaningful customer experiences.”

-Dave Murray, Customer Experience Manager at mutual GorgiasXClyde client TUSHY

See the full picture of every customer

We understand that staying inside a single platform when resolving tickets is ideal. That’s why with the Gorgias and Clyde integration, you’ll have access to view a customer’s warranty contract and claims information right alongside order history. Easily view all customer data including address, country, email, phone number, and zip as well as the post-purchase link to provide to customers should they be eligible for a protection plan.

Solve tickets faster by staying inside of the Gorgias platform for all warranty, registration, and claims related questions. 

Turn your support center into a revenue center

Customer service moments are ideal opportunities to drive value with quick resolution and an opportunity to drive incremental revenue by offering protection plans post-purchase for eligible products. Through the Gorgias and Clyde integration, easily resolve tickets with key data and increase customer lifetime value (CLV) by offering product protection. 

Turn your support center into a revenue driver and unlock new channels for value to your customers — and your bottom line.

Protect the relationships you’ve invested in

Own the post-purchase experience and build brand loyalty with positive support experiences. With the Clyde and Gorgias integration, easily view Date of Purchase, Place of Purchase, and Date Registered (if applicable) to better understand your customers’ purchasing and registration journey.

With Registration from Clyde, you can reclaim customers who purchase through your retail channels and seamlessly feed that information back to your ESP/SMS provider for retargeting (and revenue driving). 

Exclusive promotion for Gorgias Customers

To celebrate our integration with Gorgias, Clyde is offering Gorgias customers waived transaction fees on Clyde’s Extended Warranty product for 30 days. This offer is valid until June 30th, 2022. To learn more, reach out here .