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Clyde’s 2022 Gifts that Keep on Giving Guide

‘Tis the season for gift giving! While gifts may not be everyone’s love language, the holiday season is the perfect time to show your loved ones that you care, whether that’s in the form of a gift, quality time, or words of love.

If you love gifting but are struggling with what to give, look for items that truly enrich the lives of those you love. Whether treating them to something they want but would never purchase for themselves or giving them something that will just make life easier, there’s nothing more beautiful than a gift that makes every day better. 

So if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for someone special, we’ve collated a few products from some of our customers that will enrich your loved ones’ everyday lives. Not only that, they all come with the option of adding Clyde product protection, so you can rest easy knowing no matter what, Clyde has you covered. 

1) For the coffee aficionado  

The Ninja® Espresso & Coffee Barista System

Most of us can’t live without our morning caffeine hit, and this all-in-one system makes it easy to enjoy a brew in peace before the daily grind hits. This machine provides the flexibility to create basically any coffee, single espresso, to an iced latte. As a bonus, the frother folds away to help preserve counter space. 

2) For the remote worker

Ember Mug²

Nothing’s worse in the winter months than reaching for your hot drink only to find it tepid. Ember’s smart mug lets you heat your beverage of choice for around an hour and a half without affecting the flavor. Need something more mobile? They have travel mugs too! 

3) For the city commuter 

Vika+ Flex

City commuting can be tough. You’re either stuck in cramped public transport or puffing your way through the city on your push bike. The Vika+ Flex is a compact electric bike that can handle the city streets, and we love it for commuting because it folds up, making it easier to store or carry if needed. 

4) For the music lover 

Willen Portable Speaker

Small but mighty, the Willen portable speaker lets you take your music wherever you go. It’s dust- and water-resistant (great for summer float trips or pool parties), so it’s ready for any adventure you can throw at it. 

5) For the health nut

Air Mini+

When you think about healthy living, you may think about what you eat and drink — but what about what you breathe? The Air Mini+ does more than filter air; it tracks your air quality and history so you can stay healthy all year round.  

6) For the fashion enthusiast

Movado Watch

A classic watch will last for years — even decades in some cases. Watches aren’t just practical; they’re also a classic way to elevate an outfit. Founded in 1881 in Switzerland, Movado produces high-quality pieces that will look great no matter the season.

7) For the plant parent


We all have at least one plant fanatic in our lives. Instead of plant accoutrements, consider giving something that will improve plant health at the soil level (because healthy soil = healthy plants). The Aeromixer pump mixes nutrients, aerates feeding solutions, and stabilizes the pH for long-term happy gardens. 

8) For the fitness junkie 

Liteboxer Wall Mount Starter

The pandemic saw many of us give up our gym memberships and move to at-home workouts. Liteboxer is ideal for those who love the convenience of working out at home but want to add variety to their workouts. A connected fitness platform, you get all the benefits of a full-body boxing training session without leaving your home.