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5 e-commerce technologies to implement today


As an e-commerce business, you probably have two main goals: make it easy for more and more customers to find and buy your product, and retain those customers.

Luckily for you, plenty of companies are built around those very goals, offering products or services that can help you connect with your customers and improve your sales.

This article will recommend five e-commerce technologies to implement today, all of which improve upon your sales process and your customer journey.


We have to give ourselves a shout-out, but we’ll try to be objective as to why.

Product protection by Clyde offers a solid win-win for both customers and vendors: it gives customers peace of mind that their new purchases are covered no matter what, and it gives vendors a chance to collect extra margin and get valuable data on how customers use your products to improve your program and customer experience.

You can sign up for a free demo here . There’s no cost to get started, and Clyde only makes money when our customers do.


Have you used an payment financing app yet? Affirm lets customers “buy” products immediately and pay for them over time through micro-loans. 

As fintech platforms, these plug-ins can drive sales by creating purchase options for customers that otherwise would have abandoned their carts for being too expensive, resulting in up to 30% higher conversions and an 85% increase in average order value .

You can start using Affirm as a merchant by setting up an account here . Merchants pay a fee of between 2-3% (depending on the size of your business).


This referral program management app unlocks the power of customer referrals (which includes everything from affiliates to formal partnerships to casual, real-time person-to-person referrals) to impact your bottom line.

82% of Americans say they look for recommendations from friends and family before making a purchase, and Ambassador’s programs let you manage more of that process

They manage all the logistics of referral bonuses and payouts and let you reap the benefits from a low-cost, high-return referral program that runs automatically, improves customer loyalty, and meets your marketing goals with a defined cost.

You can sign up for Ambassador here . Their plans start at $800/month and go up from there.


Subscriber lists can be hard to maintain, but they are a vital part of a good marketing campaign, and Attentive’s email and text messaging marketing management solutions help find and capture leads while providing tons of analytics on performance over time.

Investing in solid email marketing pays off: one study suggests that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can get up to $44 back in sales . And while email has long reigned supreme when it comes to channel marketing, text is coming for email’s crown. Personalized mobile messaging campaigns can drive impressive engagement with open rates of 99% and ROI of 25x and more .

You can sign up for free to start, and after 30 days, you’ll pay a base platform fee and a fee per message sent. Rates start at around $300/month.


This app adds social proof notifications to your site, creating a virtual version of a busy store and playing into customers’ psychological desire to feel part of a community.

By using ProveSource’s customizable notifications, including reviews, live visitor counts, and product purchase data, you can build trust with your buyers and see results like up to 17% more conversions

The app is free to use! Sign up here .

And more…

There’s no shortage of apps, plug-ins, platforms, and programs out there to make your e-commerce store easier to manage and to make your sales goals easier to reach. 

We started with these five because they are some of our favorites. Each one is focused on driving revenue, improving conversions, and creating better experiences for customers, allowing your business to grow and expand.

‍Did we miss your top choice? Let us know on Twitter !