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Working With Clyde: Swanwick Is Powering Productivity And Quality Of Life


At Clyde, we're fortunate to work with some of the most innovative brands in the eCommerce space. And once we've begun working with a merchant, we have a vested interest in putting that company's warranty program in a position to succeed, while helping them forge closer relationships with their customers.

The eCommerce boom of the past 18 months has increased competition within the retail space, both online and in-store. And with access to consumers coming at a premium in 2021, we're doing our part to help our merchants grow their respective businesses. This is why we're featuring some of our top merchants in our "Working With Clyde" series. In our first installment, meet Swanwick.

Swanwick Is Powering Productivity And Quality Of Life

As lines between professional and personal lives were blurred in the past year and a half, avoiding burnout has become a hot topic. Meditation apps, curated meal options and at-home exercise experiences have flooded the market, all in the pursuit of improving people’s quality of life while making them more productive when they’re working. Without a consistent amount of sleep, however, all of these innovations are rendered mute. Enter Swanwick. 

Swanwick’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses were designed to increase the duration and quality of an individual's sleep. But those tangible gains were only the beginning. A 2020 study by the University of Washington and Indiana University was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology confirming the positive impact Swanwick glasses provide. The quality and quantity of their subject’s sleep, along with their effectiveness at work the next day increased. Over 11% of subjects reported that the quality of their sleep increased, leading to a 9% improvement in work performance and engagement. 

The $71 billion sleep aid market is largely targeted at people with sleeping disorders. Medications and herbal remedies impact some brain chemicals and the body’s natural circadian rhythms. But these aids often come with side effects and require strict adherence over a long period of time to ensure consistent results. The beauty of Swanwick’s design is that it offers safe and non-addictive alternatives to medications and aids. The benefits of blue light blocking glasses , particularly in a non-stop digital age, extend beyond sleep. Blue light’s impact on individuals’ overall health is still being studied. A decrease in vision quality and focus, as well as an increase in anxiety levels have been correlated to over exposure to blue light. 

The beauty of this technology and specifically Swanwick’s array of glasses is that wearers can still enjoy their modern digital lifestyle. A University of Arizona study by Dr. Michael Grandner found that Night Swannies "have managed to combine effectiveness at filtering sleep-disrupting light while also allowing in non-sleep disrupting light, striking the right balance between sleep benefits and wearability and thus allowing for comfortable reading, screen viewing and night time activities without appearing too dark." 


Neurologist and sleep expert Dr Chris Winter, MD, dubbed “The Sleep Whisperer” by Arianna Huffington, agrees. “I recommend them to my patients all the time because, in terms of sleep improvement strategies, I'm not sure that there's anything easier and more effective."

Swanwick co-founder and CEO Tristan Swanwick said the studies showing the benefits of Swannies was an exciting development in sleep research. _"_We've known for a long time that our glasses are beneficial for sleep but now we know they also help you be more effective and motivated in a work environment."

To learn more about Swanwick's offerings and how they could help improve your quality of life, check out their website here .