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How to Manage Warranties With Shopify


Over a million businesses sell on Shopify.

That’s reach unlike any other eCommerce platform, and it’s easy to understand why. Shopify is simple to set up and use and comes with its own app store full of add-ons to make stores even more customizable.

From Allbirds’ omnichannel conversion strategies to chubbies’ 50% YoY growth , Shopify drives sales for the big sellers of today, while enabling vintage shops, bespoke producers, and indie retailers to be the big sellers of tomorrow.

There are some eCommerce app integrations that every Shopify seller should be using, no matter the size of their annual revenue.

A warranty partner is one of those.

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Offering extended warranties can turn a comparison shopper into a buyer and a one-time buyer into a repeat customer. A warranty program can increase average order value , increase customer loyalty , and increase conversions.

Whether you’re fixing broken product and leaving customers with a great customer experience, or just giving them the peace of mind that they’re covered if anything does go wrong, warranties can drive revenue for pretty much every type of product, from personal technology to furniture to jewelry and more. 

So how can you make sure you’re picking a great warranty partner?

Here, we walk you through how to decide on warranty management options for your Shopify store (and where Clyde fits in).

What To Look for in Shopify Warranty Management Software

Shopify is known for being incredibly easy to use, and you’ll want whatever warranty management software you choose to be the same. 

That means looking for something that’s simple to install, customize, run, and track over time. Here are some specific categories of things to look for:

Flexibility in product coverage

You want to make sure that you’re choosing a partner who can cover all of the products you sell. Some warranty partners work with a single insurance focused on a niche market, like computers or furniture. If you sell a wide range of products, make sure that you’re covered for all of them.

Automated operational tasks

Once the software is installed, will it run in the background of your Shopify site without requiring you to do much else? Make sure you understand the operational tasks that you’ll be expected to do to run your warranty program, if any exist.

Customization options

You’ll want your warranty software to integrate seamlessly into your current purchasing process. Look for software that allows for the creation of unique call-to-actions that can be co-branded with your company, allowing you to add your logo, color scheme, font, and brand voice to the check-out process.

Multiple CTAs

To sell warranties, you’ll use CTAs that prompt buyers to add a warranty to their purchase. Ideally, your chosen warranty partner will give you several options for integrating those CTAs into the purchase process, and you’ll also be able to select how you present extended warranty options (from a single link to a comprehensive list) and to experiment with different presentations. 

Pricing adjustments to drive revenue

Do you want to decide exactly how much to charge for your warranty? The software you choose should let you. A bonus is software that uses historical data to auto-manage the margins you’ll earn on warranty sales to optimize revenue. 

Multiple users with custom permissions

Who will be managing your warranty plan? If you’ve got more than one person who will want to stay up close and personal to how your extended warranty program is performing, make sure the software you choose lets you add and manage multiple team members. 

Regular reporting and analytics

You don’t want to have to dig for information on the warranties you’re selling. Look for software partners that offer clear, customizable analytics dashboards where you can keep an eye on things like contracts sold, product value covered, contract revenue earned, and your profit.

A responsive support team

Hopefully nothing goes wrong as you bring on an extended warranty partner, but in the case that onboarding isn’t quite as simple as you’d hoped or you have questions about implementation, you’ll want to make sure you can get real support from a knowledgeable source. Check out the customer service options available from each provider before making your choice, and if they only offer chat or email help, make sure you’re comfortable with that option.

An easy-to-use customer portal

Keep in mind that your customers may be reaching out for support, too, as they submit claims. Do you feel comfortable with your chosen provider representing your brand? Is there an easy way for customers to get help?

Shopify Warranty Management Providers

With a long list of things to look for in a Shopify warranty management provider, you’ll want to do your research before deciding. 

Keep in mind that most warranty management providers have their own niche. They may be focused on enterprise clients. Or on niche eCommerce vendors. Perhaps they’ve got great offerings for certain products, but not for everything you offer. (Or maybe they can cover everything, but you’ll have to match your products’ eligibility to a network of their insurer partners.) 

Clyde’s Shopify app works with retailers of all sizes and across all industries, with warranty program solutions for everyone. We offer a portfolio of insurance partners to offer protection on a huge range of products, and we can cover everything from warranty extensions to wear and tear to water damage and accidents. 

It takes about two minutes to get Clyde up and running on a Shopify store, whether you’re an enterprise retailer or a smaller seller.

Benefits of Using Warranty Management for Shopify

There are benefits of using warranty management software for Shopify stores for both merchants and their consumers.

Passive revenue

Retailers can add to their average order values and their profit margins without having to shell out to create new products or a different service model. A good warranty program partner will manage everything from the customer’s side, leaving merchants to sit back and watch the revenue roll in.

Strengthened relationship with consumers

Offering an extended warranty plan to your customers is like offering them peace of mind. They’ll feel supported and confident in their purchase. 

Regular touchpoints

And as a retailer offering extended warranties, you’re guaranteeing yourself a regular (and customer-appreciated) touchpoint to engage with them down the line, whether at a one, two, or three year mark when their extended warranty is up, to reconnect and drive future sales.

How to Configure Clyde’s Warranty Management App for Shopify

Getting started with Clyde’s Shopify app is easy! It takes about two minutes. No complicated development skills are required. Have your brand assets (like colors and logo) ready, along with your bank information and your warranty language preferences.

To install and configure Clyde for your Shopify store, you’ll:

  1. Install Clyde’s Shopify app

  2. Confirm your shop’s profile information. Learn more here .

  3. Customize your call-to-action. Learn more here .

  4. Connect your bank account. Learn more here .

  5. Agree to our terms of service

After you’ve set up the app, Clyde will match your products to protection plans and confirm launch, which usually takes less than 48 hours. Then you’ll be ready to go live with your extended warranty program.

Custom product pages, add-to-cart buttons, and themes

If you want to customize the way that Clyde’s Shopify app integrates with your site, you have the following options:

Custom call-to-action buttons: 

  1. Identify the HTML element within your product page template that you want to append Clyde’s CTA to. You can also add a new HTML element in the exact spot you want your CTA to show up. For info on where to find this, read Shopify’s article on theme code .

  2. Add an ID to the element you chose or added. For this example, let’s use “my-example-id”. For example,

  3. Open Clyde and go to the customize menu

  4. Select “Custom” in location settings

  5. Input the ID we used above, click save, and test. Changes should be instantly reflected on your website, if you’ve launched.

Custom front-ends:

  • If you’re utilizing Shopify’s CMS and checkout but have a custom-built storefront, you’ll need to manually integrate Clyde’s front-end widget. This is because the Clyde Shopify app’s frontend is dependent on standard Shopify form structure and the Shopify script tag API.

  • Visit the getting started with widget page for details on what setup looks like. As a Shopify user integrating the widget you’ll receive additional information when a contract is selected, including a variant ID you can use to add the appropriate warranty to the cart alongside the product it’s covering.

  • Because you’ve installed Clyde’s Shopify app, your catalog will automatically be kept up to date with Clyde and orders will be reported to us automatically. Once you’ve set up the widget you’re totally good to go!

Good to Go!

That’s it. Installation should take just a few minutes! Once Clyde has confirmed your launch, any future changes should go live on your site immediately. If you need help during installation or at any point, you can always reach out to Clyde’s support team.

When everything’s up and running, Clyde will be fully integrated into your site and customers should be able to buy extended warranties through the CTAs that you set up.

If you’re still deciding on the best warranty partner for your Shopify store and want to see how the Clyde app would work for your products and your customers, reach out and schedule a demo today !