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  • Extended Warranty

    Boost profits and charm customers with the perfect product protection plans.

  • Registration

    Know and keep your customers close with an oh-so-simple registration experience.

  • Resolution

    Win over customers and unlock cost savings with automated, positive issue resolutions.


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The Next Evolution of Customer Connection: Ownership

Clyde stands for deeper love. 

People don’t just buy things anymore. With every product they welcome into their homes, consumers are building identities, cultivating an ethos for themselves. They want the magic of the shopping experience to live on in the ownership experience. They want their favorite brands to come to life every day that they own and use and love that thing they bought.

Cultivating this deeper love — deeper connection — is our purpose at Clyde. 

Today, we transform into an Ownership Enrichment Platform to help brands (like yours) take control and take care of the post-purchase experience for their customers. We’ve reimagined product protection, registration, and issue resolution to help you create beautiful, unified ownership experiences for your customers — and unlock the LTV of your dreams. 

It’s Time to Go (Way) Beyond Warranties: The Ownership Enrichment Platform

Clyde’s Ownership Enrichment Platform affords brands unprecedented connection to customers. We’ve offered product protection for some time now; today, we release two new products alongside Extended Warranty: Registration and Claims Plus

Registration eliminates a major blindspot for brands: retail customers. Third-party channels are amazing for brand visibility and added revenue. But you lose out on invaluable data, insights, and profitable long-term customer relationships. With Registration from Clyde, you can get retail customers out of the box and onto your website to register their products and reconnect with your brand experience, whatever that looks like to you.

Claims Plus is support for your support teams. Sorting out how to resolve a warranty-related ticket can be a challenge for support agents if purchase data, customer data, and coverage data are in different places. Claims Plus is a smart resolution app that plugs into your existing support workflow to centralize, automate, and instantly resolve claims for product issues, whether a product is under warranty or not. 

With the Ownership Enrichment Platform, Clyde is making product ownership special. We’re here to help brands connect with (and embrace) people who were once out of reach. When you can know and keep your customers close, you can own the post-purchase brand experience and cultivate beautiful, profitable relationships now and evermore. 

With love,  Brandon

P.S. By now you’ve probably noticed our new look! It was only fitting that our visual identity evolved as our technology did. h/t Studio Freight for their brilliant work in bringing Clyde’s love for our merchants to life.