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Clyde's Partner Program Is Helping Retailers Thoughtfully Scale Their Tech Stacks


Clyde is excited to announced today its new partnership program. The program offers a growing real-time directory featuring dozens of digital agencies and technology partners. 

Clyde has partnered with best-in-class solutions and agency partners as a means of supporting merchants of all sizes. Hawke Media, one of the first agencies to join Clyde’s program, provides a litany of services ranging from website design and content creation to search engine optimization and paid media management. “Hawke is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered up with Clyde as our extended warranty platform partner. We’ve chosen Clyde because of their thoughtful approach to customer experience, claims adjudication, and product lifecycle ownership. Not only will Clyde help merchants drive additional revenue, but it will help them retain customers and keep them happy long term,” said Ashley Scorpio, VP of Partnerships for Hawke Media.

On the technology side, Clyde has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help merchants thoughtfully scale their tech stacks. Merchants can now streamline their customers' experience with leading apps and integrations through Clyde's network of technology partners. Leading eCommerce tech companies including Shopify, Trustpilot and BigCommerce are already available for use by accessing Clyde’s partner portal. 

Ashley Hildreth, Clyde’s VP of Business Development & Partnerships, believes this new program will drive outsized value for merchants. “Through collaboration with the agencies and technology platforms that surround our merchants, there is an opportunity to transform what can be a disparate tech environment into an ecosystem that is rooted in collaboration. This is how we can consistently deliver shared value to our customer base.”

Clyde’s CEO, Brandon Gell, views this partnership launch as a meaningful step in the company’s growth story. “We’re in the business of solving problems and providing value to our merchants in any way that we can. And, in my opinion, you can’t truly embed yourself in the eCommerce ecosystem without dynamic partnerships. That’s why we’re forging the most meaningful and impactful partnerships we can. Once prospective partners see what we’re building here and how easy it is to connect with merchants, I anticipate our directory will grow exponentially.”

About Clyde

Clyde is a product protection platform empowering retailers to offer their customers extended warranties, growing revenue and driving customer loyalty. Clyde allows you to offer an exceptional customer experience and peace of mind when customers need you most—when something goes wrong.

Clyde’s plug-and-play platform seamlessly matches warranty contracts with products and gives retailers full visibility into customer information, claims, and program performance. Clyde makes product protection simple and intuitive for customers, with a transparent claims experience managed end-to-end by our team.