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Partner Spotlight: Hawke Media Perfecting The Outsourced CMO Model


At Clyde, our goal from the very beginning has been to help our merchants operate their businesses more effectively while generating additional revenue. And while we are proud of the technology we’ve built and the service we provide, we understand that warranty and product protection programs are just one piece of the puzzle. 

Remaining competitive within the eCommerce industry requires merchants to work with a host of third party vendors. A point of emphasis for us in 2022 will be to help our merchants connect with as many impactful vendors as possible within our hub. Merchants can gain access to critical technology and expertise which will allow them to leverage their data to achieve their business goals. 

In our on-going series, we’re spotlighting our growing list of partners who are helping merchants all over the country. To kick off this series, Hawke Media's  Vice President of Partnerships, Ashley Scorpio, was kind enough to explain why so many merchants utilize their services, while answering a few of our questions as well.

An Introduction To Hawke Media


Hawke Media is an award-winning digital marketing consultancy and full-service agency. Hawke was founded on the idea that every modern business needs a CMO-level expert to lead digital marketing efforts. We customize data-driven, performance-focused solutions to help launch, scale, and invigorate businesses of all sizes, industries, and revenue models. We’re shifting the agency paradigm by putting client success ahead of our own. Our comprehensive à la carte menu of services and month-to-month contracts mean you get only what you need, when you need it.

Clyde and Hawke work together to give clients access to new revenue streams, expanded customer touchpoints, and more opportunities to build positive customer relationships beyond the point of sale.

As the managed service provider, Hawke makes sure that your business gets the most out of Clyde starting from integration with your legacy systems to ongoing management. We have the know-how so you don’t have to waste your time, effort, and money training our finding a team to outsource to. And as the first member of Clyde’s partner program no one’s as close to the source as we are, so you get exclusive access to new features and benefits.

How do you quantify the impact that marketing can have on a growing business? What are some key metrics, success stories that you reference?

There are so many important metrics to consider when growing your business and what you should focus on really depends on your industry, goals, strategies and more.

A few that are important across the board for everyone are things like:

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost

  2. Customer Lifetime Value

  3. Conversion Rates

  4. Cost Per Click

  5. Return on Investment

These metrics can help you determine how the money you’re spending is working for you and can guide future adjustments as needed.

One KPI that we talk about a lot at Hawke Media is Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). CLV looks at the amount of income a customer generates for your business over the course of your relationship with them. It can be weeks, days or years depending on the service offering and back-end product. It is well known that keeping existing customers coming back for more is much more efficient than continually trying to acquire new customers. Successful CLV is tied closely to not only your product/service, but also a great customer experience.

As an "outsourced CMO" what kind of projects do you generally start with for companies that are seeking exposure and access to a broader customer base?

Depending on goals, budgets, and more, there are many different places we’ll start with a new brand.

It’s important to make sure they are set for success on the backend  before launching marketing campaigns and have integrated the right solutions partners for their business. That may be things like ESPs, CDPs, automation, fulfillment, payments etc. If a business doesn’t have the right tools and isn’t running smoothly, it’s hard to do anything else.

Beyond that most businesses start with optimizations in areas like onsite SEO, content, and paid digital advertising across a mix of platforms. All of these things help ensure people are discovering your brand in the way you want, at the times you want. It’s hard to start driving sales without awareness or credibility and these are great ways to fill the top of your funnel.

In the new eCommerce landscape do you find more companies or willing to spend for services like yours today as opposed to pre-pandemic spending?

Of course, we’re seeing many brands with tighter budgets and constraints on spending than they had before the pandemic. But at the same time we’re seeing many companies that are prioritizing their marketing as they are now seeing the benefits to them tenfold with the shifts that have happened in the last two years. With the huge increase in online shopping and selling throughout the pandemic, brands are looking for more ways to find their target consumer online in particular as less people are out and about. As online consumption continues to grow across demographics, things like paid search and social, marketplace optimization, SEO, content, email, SMS, and more become more and more important.

What are you most excited about in the next six months when it comes to your product and functionality?

Our service offering at Hawke Media continues to grow and expand. We recently acquired an incredible development shop in Canada which was our first internal expansion. We are pleased to offer local talent to our Canadian clients and a more robust web development practice. We are also growing beyond digital marketing channels to offering services ranging from print to OOH advertising. 

What are you most excited about for the next 6-12 months in eCommerce overall? Any trends? Predictions?

I am excited to see how brands adapt to the ongoing cookie changes happening online. 

Brands are going to have to try and find unique ways to continue to collect and elicit customer data. The changes can be catastrophic to any brands that aren’t prepared but those who are thoughtful and plan ahead will continue to flourish and grow. I think we’re going to start seeing who is prepared and how they are doing, so more brands will likely follow suit with zero and first party data.