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Walking The Roadmap With Molo Solution's Carol Park


Carol Park, Director of Enterprise Sales for Molo Solutions

With back to school now in the review mirror, eCommerce companies can turn their focus to the upcoming holiday season. But before they can begin preparing for the spending blitz to round out 2021, they'll need to get their logistical ducks in a row. To help understand exactly what is driving supply chain issues in the US, we turned to an expert in the world of transportation and logistics.

Carol Park is the Director of Enterprise Sales for Molo Solutions, a technology provider that connects companies that ship goods with the truck drivers that have the capacity to haul those goods. Food, beverages, plastics, paper, metals, and more - you name it, they help ship it. So whether it's components for electronics or furniture that needs to get to its final destination, Carol has insight on what to expect from the industry in Q4.