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Essential Salesforce Commerce Cloud Apps and Integrations


Salesforce is best known for its customer relationship management software. If you run a B2B business of any sort, I bet you could draw that blue-cloud logo from memory. You’ve probably used Salesforce to nurture prospects, service customers, and track sales. 

But the software giant has brought its customer relations expertise to the world of eCommerce for B2C sellers with its digital commerce platform, Commerce Cloud Digital.

And while that platform offers key features—like managing multiple sites, campaigns, AI integration with their Einstein integration, and access to retail experts—it doesn’t do everything.

Enter Salesforce’s AppExchange and its hundreds of available apps and integrations for Commerce Cloud .

We’ve done the work of highlighting 17 essential Salesforce Commerce Cloud apps for any business, organized by topic.

Best ratings & reviews management apps

92% of consumers look at reviews before they buy, per a 2019 Bizrate Insights study . They’re one of the only ways to get a sense of whether the product they’re considering will meet their needs. 

You can have the nicest photos and the best-written copy in the world, but buyers want to hear from real, live people like themselves to see how something stacks up against their expectations. 

And they even look for some of those reviews to be negative. Products with ratings of 4.0-4.7 sell better than products with ratings higher than 4.7, per Northwestern .


What it does:

  • Sends automatic requests to customers to leave a review

  • Allows you to moderate reviews and respond directly to them

  • Integrates product star ratings with a selection of on-site widgets

  • Customize basic integrations to fit your brand’s style and voice

  • Provides reviews analytics on key KPIs

What it costs:

Free for up to 50 monthly orders with the above features

Need a quote from them for premium accounts that offer extra features like in-depth widgets, advanced customization, and a dedicated partner

Where to get it:


What it does:

  • Creates Write a Review links and Question and Answer boxes on product pages

  • Integrates user-generated content onto site, reviewed via a human moderation process

  • Increases visibility with SEO

  • Provides conversion tracking and analytics  

What it costs:

Custom pricing 

Where to get it:

Best email and SMS marketing apps

Forget direct mail, online display ads, and paid search ads—email marketing is the best bang for buck when it comes to promoting your products, and SMS marketing is quickly making gains, too.


What it does: 

  • Builds an email list with well-integrated popups and forms

  • Automatically updates your email list with demographic data to use for personalized campaigns

  • Directly handles client responses to campaigns with pre-set messaging flows

What it costs:

Free for up an email list of 250 and up to 50 texts

Depends on size of email list + number of texts sent. $20/month for 251-500 contacts, for instance.

Where to get it:

Radiance Labs

What it does: 

  • Utilizes messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and SMS to target customers

  • Allows for personalized marketing and conversational commerce

  • Provides analytics on user journey, from cart activity to conversions

What it costs:

Custom pricing 

Where to get it:

Best marketplace and catalogue management apps

Amazon became the eCommerce behemoth that it is today because it figured out how to create an online version of a very in-person experience: marketplace shopping. 

Instead of browsing the aisles of a superstore, popping into different shops in the mall, or waltzing through a market, you can go onto Amazon and get dish soap, a pair of shoes, the latest gaming console, specialty light bulbs, and half a dozen other things all at once. 

Not every Salesforce Cloud Commerce store will need to or want to become a marketplace, but for those that see the opportunity in doing so, these apps are your best bet. And if you plan to stay a one-seller shop for a while, you can still utilize their catalogue features.


What it does:

  • Easily onboards multiple sellers to your site

  • Controls the quality of third-party vendors and ensures they meet your customers’ expectations

  • Manages catalogues and product listings (useful for all sellers, including those without marketplaces)

What it costs:

No free trial; ask for a quote 

Where to get it:


What it does:

  • Expands catalogues via new product ranges and virtual “aisles”

  • Automatically manages the distribution of orders back to sellers, including returns

  • Options to sell paid membership programs and gift cards

What it costs:

Per-user pricing available after a demo

Where to get it:

Best checkout management apps 

Customers want the checkout process to be fast and painless, and when it’s not, there are consequences: over 70% of shoppers abandon carts when shopping online, and 85% of shoppers do the same on mobile

Fixing that looks like providing one-click checkouts where everything is handled on one page—with no slow load times or extra fields to fill in. 

But to achieve that, many ecommerce companies have to rely on a dozen different tools: payment processing apps, fraud detection programs, and shipping calculations, among others. 

Using an optimized checkout partner allows vendors to create a seamless checkout experience for customers that’s easy to manage on the backend.


What it does: 

  • Checks for payment fraud and offers 100% protection

  • Creates a one-step, one-page checkout experience 

  • Optimizes checkout for mobile with no-scroll walkthrough

  • Integrates with payment options like Apple Pay and Stripe

What it costs:

Per-transaction fees that depend on your business; you’ll need to ask for a quote 

Where to get it:

Braintree, by Paypal

What it does: 

  • Combines gateway and payment processing in one solution

  • Offers payment options like PayPal and ApplePay for multiple currencies

  • Provides custom fraud tools and award-winning customer service

What it costs:

Standard pricing is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, with no minimums, monthly fees, or hidden fees. PayPal payments are offered at no additional fee.

Custom pricing available, based on volume and business model; submit a form here to get a quote.

Where to get it:

Best payment plan apps

Shoppers like options. Paypal, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and yes, the option to pay over time versus in one lump sum. 

Buy now, pay later apps are only growing in popularity; offering one will soon go from a novelty to an expectation.


What it does: 

  • Allows shoppers to pay for a purchase in installments

  • Deposits the full transaction amount to you, the seller, within two business days

  • Fully integrates as a payment type and payment processor 

  • Drives conversation and AOV

What it costs:

Free to install, but usually around 2-3% per transaction 

Where to get it:


What it does: 

  • Allows shoppers to pay for a purchase in four installments

  • No charges for buyers who pay on time

  • Drives AOV through automatic optimization

What it costs:

No cost to launch, with fees charged on transactions

Where to get it:

Best translation apps 

Operating online as a retailer means that you don’t have to think so much about physical space. Considerations like foot traffic or store rent are gone. Limiting your sales to a certain geographical region is, too. 

If your customers and your team are distributed around the world, translation integrations can help make things easier on everyone, allowing them to access information in their native language.


What it does:

  • Manages your translation queue and projects in real time 

  • Instantly publishes updates to your site 

What it costs:

Free to install; final cost depends on content and language to be translated

Where to get it:

Codex Global

What it does:

  • Translates products, content, and categories via automated process

  • Works with network of professional linguists 

What it costs:

Per-word costs depending on language 

Where to get it:

Best warranty management app

The best ecommerce add-ons help make the customer’s experience better or the seller’s experience easier and more profitable. A good warranty management app can do both.

Offering extended warranties or protection plans works for merchants by driving up AOV and customer satisfaction, and for customers by giving them peace of mind that they’re covered in case something goes wrong with their purchase. 

And it works—customers who are given the option to buy extended warranties show higher customer loyalty

What’s stopping you from getting started today?


What it does:

  • Provides buyers with a customer portal for tracking their coverage and submitting a claim 

  • Creates fully-customizable CTAs at strategic points on your site

  • Shows up-to-date analytics and insights via a customizable dashboard

  • Drives AOV, conversions, and customer loyalty

  • And more !

What it costs:

Free to install (instructions here ); monthly charge for insurer’s premium and platform fee

Where to get it:

Best customer service and insight apps

Successful retailers know that it’s not just making the sale that counts. How do customers feel about that sale? How is your relationship with them maintained over time? How well and how quickly are any problems resolved along the way? 

Good customer service is the bedrock of a successful brand, and these apps can help provide it.


What it does:

  • Identifies at-risk customers to stop churn before it happens

  • Centralizes customer data

  • Provides opportunities to cross-sell and upsell 

What it costs:

Starts at $2,500/month

Where to get it:


What it does:

  • Provides opportunities to gather customer insight, including on Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

  • Distributes surveys through multiple channels, including messaging and email templates

  • Maps data back to Salesforce with robust analytics

What it costs:

Starts at $1/user per month

Where to get it:

Best SEO and content management apps

You spend a lot of time writing content for your site, whether it’s on landing pages or product descriptions. Are you sure you’re getting the highest bang for buck on it?

These apps can help.


What it does:

  • Boosts visibility of websites through search optimization

  • Provides analytics via unified data model with insight on all stages of search process

  • Automates SEO improvements to accelerate websites

What it costs:

Between $500 and $1,000 per month, depending on results

Where to get it:


What it does:

  • Manages content creation and delivery

  • Allows for personalized customer experience

  • Automatically pulls product categories 

What it costs:

Varies, depending on plan

Where to get it:

Making the most of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

There are plenty of apps that can help your SFCC-enabled eCommerce business go from good to great. 

As your business grows and you’re thinking about ways to increase your AOV, improve your margins, and better service your customers, consider offering extended warranties with Clyde. We’re proud of our Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration and we’d love to help you integrate it with your site.

Reach out for a free demo today to see how Clyde’s platform makes life easier for both you and your customers.