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Time is no match for Movado's customers


Movado was searching for ways to create a more holistic brand experience that would offer more value to their customers. Focused on loyal, long-term customer relationships, Movado chose Clyde for our seamless implementation, competitive extended warranty offerings, and dedication to the entire customer experience.

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The search

One of the world's premier watchmakers, Movado guarantees an exceptional customer experience. Before partnering with Clyde, Movado had explored launching their own extended warranty program but didn’t have the technical or compliance resources to do so. Other players in the warranty space approached them, piquing their interest in finding the best possible product protection program. The Movado team had a few goals in mind:

Margot Grinberg, Vice President of Ecommerce
We've seen Clyde grow as a percentage of purchases and as something that is consistent day in and day out. It’s something our customers are excited about.

The solution

After evaluating the range of options, Movado chose Clyde for our customer-first mentality and range of extended warranty programs, which would give their customers peace of mind. When asked about their busiest time of year, Movado shared that their luxury watches and jewelry are popular gifts during the holiday season. Offering extended warranties on those products gives gift-givers the peace of mind that their cherished present will be protected. Since launching with Clyde, Movado has seen an uptick in repeat purchases and attach rates from contracts sold.

“Clyde let us launch the service quickly and offer a great user experience, which helps us provide value to our customers while driving loyalty,” says Margot Grinberg, VP of Ecommerce.

    Margot Grinberg, Vice President of Ecommerce
    We loved the way Clyde designed its technology and thought about the consumer experience from the moment someone purchases on our site through the potential need to file a claim. Clyde let us launch quickly and offers a great user experience that helps us provide value to customers and drive loyalty.

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