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All Security Equipment protects their customer experience with Clyde


A wholesaler for security and access control equipment, All Security Equipment prides itself on a seamless one-stop shopping experience. With Clyde, they improved customers’ post-purchase experience post-purchase and increased margins.

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The Search

All Security Equipment had two needs when looking for product protection: a provider that could support their goals of increasing average order value (AOV) by at least 50% and a solution that would positively impact the customer experience post-purchase. Because one of the core tenets of All Security Equipment’s customer service strategy is an easy shopping experience, any solution must integrate seamlessly into its ecommerce platform. 

    David Jacobs, VP Marketing
    We're always adding new products to our ecommerce catalog; knowing that we'll be able to easily update Clyde protection plans as we scale provides peace of mind.
    David Jacobs, VP Marketing
    The process needed to be simple from the implementation side while also providing a seamless user experience for our consumers during checkout. Clyde was able to achieve both.

    The Solution

    All Security Equipment partnered with Clyde for Extended Warranty as a way to improve customer retention through post-purchase touchpoints.

    Ease of implementation and management was a key component of this solution. “We have a highly custom Shopify theme, and when implementation questions arose during setup, Clyde’s engineers were ready to assist,” says David Jacobs, VP of Marketing. Clyde’s messaging and CTAs were also automated on the website and through post-purchase follow-ups in Klaviyo to simplify the process even more.


      Since implementing Clyde’s integration, All Security Equipment is well on its way to reaching its AOV goals. Not only has the attachment rate doubled in the first six months, but they’ve also seen a 5x jump in the number of contracts sold in the same timeframe. Customers don’t just appreciate the option of product protection; they crave it.

      2x increase in attach rate over first 6 months
      5x increase in number of contracts sold over first 6 months
      2 weeks to implement