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All the things that turned our heads at CES 2023

CES is always an exciting time of year, with some of the most interesting announcements, products, and innovations coming from the four-day event. Ahead of CES 2023, industry experts predicted that a few trends might make an appearance (think the metaverse and mixed reality , sustainability initiatives from high-tech companies, and increased automotive technology for EVs and autonomous cars). But there were also a few surprises. 

While the Clyde team saw the promised array of autonomous vehicles and sustainably-charged e-bikes (like, everywhere), several other trends and areas of opportunity also excited our team. Here are just a couple inspired by our time at CES 2023.

1. Integrated Everything

“I didn’t see a single cord at CES,” said Clyde CEO Brandon Gell. He noticed that IoT and Bluetooth connectivity aren’t features to brag about anymore—instead, they’re table stakes functionality for today’s devices.

Products designed to improve life through cloud-based and interconnected devices dominated CES, from  Yukai Engineering’s anti-anxiety pillow, to Movano’s Evie ring (the first FDA-certified wearable fitness tracker), and even FluentPet’s Connect system (used by TikTok-famous Bunny the dog ).

“We aren’t getting less connected anytime soon!” said Jon Knott, Clyde’s technology partnership manager. He’s not wrong; connected devices are dominating the market. Recent data predicts there will be more than 29 billion IoT devices in 2030, up from 11 billion in 2021.

2. Vertical Expansion

To specialize or to diversify? That is the question many brands continue to ask themselves, particularly regarding product innovation. This year diversification seemed to win out, with many brands launching products beyond the verticals they traditionally live in.

Perhaps most notable was Garmin’s Unified Cabin Experience for vehicles. The product, which Garmin describes as a “next generation multi-screen system,” uses an Atari navigation so passengers can play games in the vehicle. It also features embedded navigation and security technology and in-cabin sensors to help determine seat occupancy and improve driver safety through seat belt detection, driver distraction, and hands-on-wheel sensors.

3. Larger-than-life Marketing

Clyde VP of Sales Aaron Steinberg noticed a shift in how enterprise brands position their products. 

“Rather than tech specs and features, many legacy players like Sony and Samsung are leaning into the lifestyle benefits a consumer will see when they own a product.”

This dedication to the ownership experience is essential in cultivating brands where ownership enrichment guides the customer experience. For example, one brand we loved was Samsung:  Rather than talking about tech features, they focused on the idea that bringing calm to a connected world can “genuinely enable better, more personal, and more intuitive experiences .”

The expansion of Samsung’s Relumino technology illustrated this trajectory. Launching in TVs later this year, it improves the viewing experience of people with low vision or who are hard of hearing.  

4. The Birth of AgeTech

A relatively new concept, AgeTech continues to grow and was highlighted through the AgeTech Collaborative with AARP.

A range of companies and products were on show at CES 2023. Still, Aloe Care won the digital health category for the CES innovation awards for Smart Hub 2 , a voice-activated personal emergency response system. AARP expects the spending power of people aged 50+ to increase to $118 trillion by 2050 , making it a critical investment opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Where can brands go from here?

We loved seeing the technology and innovation coming out of CES, and one philosophy rang true during the event. Innovative products and ideas are only the start of a successful brand. People want to feel emotionally connected to their technology, and the ownership experience matters just as much in the long term as the bells and whistles attached to your product.

Do you want to learn about the role Clyde can play in your innovative post-purchase experience? Reach out today to schedule a demo .

Brandon Gell, Aaron Steinberg, and Jon Knott contributed to this article.